Debt's over £15,000.
Debt's under £15,000.
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Making the right choice.
Are all my debts guaranteed to be cleared within a fixed period?  
Are all my interest and charges guaranteed to be frozen?     
Are my creditors likely to accept less than I owe?     
Will I be protected from my unsecured creditors?     
Will my creditors stop chasing me for repayment?     
Will I be able to avoid selling my home?     
Are all my unsecured creditors legally obliged to write off debt I cannot afford to repay?
Are the creditors that don’t want to help me, forced to write off debt?     
Is it a confidential procedure?     
Do I retain control of the situation?     
Will I avoid the stigma of bankruptcy?     
Does the procedure have to be administered by a properly licensed professional?







Making the right choice

Your circumstances are unique! The best way to find the right solution for you is to talk to one of our specialist debt advisors. However the grid below will give you a brief overview of what’s available.

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